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City escape

City escape

A strong and purposeful front image sends out the message loud and clear that Mohave takes ownership of the city streets. Its smooth ride and elevated driving position put you at the head of the pack.

360° VR



The Photographs and specifications shown are indicative and subject to change without notice. Kindly check and confirm the vehicle specifications at the time of purchase


Urban charisma

The energy of the city and the demands of the great outdoors bring out the personality of the new Mohave. With its strength, comfort, style and functionality it’s born to thrive in and beyond the urban jungle.

Forward thinking

As the Mohave passes by it exudes an air of majestic confidence like a muscular lion on the prowl. Its inner power is never in doubt with its sculpted stance pitched forward by smooth flowing lines.


Putting you in the driver's seat

The Mohave's cockpit combines a modern sports utility feel with high-tech embellishments across the dash to create an image that’s as strong as the exterior. The interior design concept ensures you appreciate the space of a large SUV with the luxury and comfort of a high-specification sedan. Ergonomic jog-type controls, futuristically red-lit gauges and a balanced layout that ensures excellent visibility of the road ahead combine to place you firmly in the driver's seat..


Active safety in any environment

The Mohave features the latest advancements in chassis and suspension technology, combined with enhanced braking capability, which will retain Mohave’s grip and stability over the roughest terrain. Smart electronics ensure that suspension, wheel motion and engine output combine to minimize roll-over risk and keep the Mohave agile, responsive and adaptable to the conditions.


Feel the strength of Mohave wherever you are

No matter where you’re driving and what’s unfolding outside your window, you'll feel at ease knowing there’s power at your fingertips whenever you need it. When you’re ready for a change of scenery, you can count on Mohave to take you where you’re headed in true comfort and style.


Keeping you safe at all times

Mohave has been designed to utilize all the benefits of the latest innovations in body design and driving technology to help guarantee your peace of mind. The body shell and rigid frame-type structure and chassis absorb the energy of any impact for maximum protection. A dual dash panel and depowered dual front airbags have lower pressure impact. Curtain and side airbags engage simultaneously to cradle and protect you and your passengers. The driving safety system monitors your engine output, wheel motion and external conditions constantly. For a smoother ride at all times, Mohave features a rear electronic control air suspension, double wishbone front suspension and independent multilink rear suspension for superior load handling and impact damping.