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A project where passengers' safety is put ahead of everything else

Collaboration between Kia and Hyundai Card

The "My Taxi" is a taxi that adjusts to densely-populated urban settings, with a concept of "Small, Spacious, Smart." Its compact exterior and spacious interior satisfy both the requirements of passengers and the demands of navigating city traffic in a large city. Based on the electric version of the Ray, Kia's flagship city car, it features a simplistic design and passenger-focused philosophy.

Passenger-focused My Taxi

  • My Taxi is SMALL
    Its compact exterior perfectly meets the requirements for agility in heavy city traffic. Plus, it is fully eco-friendly with zero emissions.
  • My Taxi is SPACIOUS
    Design-wise, the My Taxi is all about flexibility. In forgoes a front passenger seat for extra luggage space.
  • My Taxi is SMART
    Risks that might accompany public transport are addressed with new technologies. People can use a handy app to hail a taxi on the go, pay the fare, check their journey history and share their route with friends through NFC tagging.