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KSA+ Connected Service

The New paradigm’s connected car service, the KSA+ aims to provide Kia customers with convenience, benefit and motivation. Moreover, it offers various benefits for Kia’s dealers about customer retention. The KSA+ App for customers provides the connected car service such as monitoring the DTC& maintenance, Geolocation function and so on. The KSA+ Web supports Kia dealers to retain customers with continuous communication and push message for their benefit. The KSA+ is the best platform to provide the best satisfaction for customers and Kia dealers.

  • App (For retail customers)

    • Customer Convenience
    • Service digitization
    • Stay connected to the car
    • Receive latest news
  • Fleet

    • Real time vehicle tracking
    • Trip logs, geo-fencing and event alerts
    • Driving habit analysis
    • Vehicle maintenance alerts and monthly reports
  • Diagnosis Module

    • Bluetooth communication
    • Plug and play
    • Special gift for customers
  • KIA

    • Expansion of customer journey experience
    • Diversification of communication methods based on customer needs


  • Driving information
  • Parking management service
  • Driving history
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly driving pattern
  • Vehicle maintenance / home to home reservation
  • Diagnosing vehicle
  • Consumable parts management
  • Various and convenient function provided through concierge
  • Connected with RSA(Roadside assistance)

KSA+ Connected App

KSA+ , is a Smartphone app that allows you to stay connected to your Highlander variant. It works by using a pre-installed module that connects the cars computer to your mobile phone. KSA+ offers all the benefits of Bluetooth, with a pack of exclusive features that gives you the ultimate control over your vehicle. Explore KSA+ below, to find out how you can maximize your Highlander experience.

KSA+ Connected Guides