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Service Performance

Kia Service Promise

At Kia, we take pride in building cars with award-winning reliability.
We also take pride in ensuring that when the time comes for some routine maintenance or repair work, you are treated to a prompt and professional service, following the values shown below.
Following are some steps done on your arrival at Kia.

On arrival, we will :

  • Greet you with kind & warm smile within one minute following your arrival.
  • Provide service reception that is easy, convenient and hassle-free.
  • Provide service available on both an appointment and non-appointment basis.
  • Provide well trained Service Advisors who are knowledgeable and will take the time necessary to listen to the customer and ask pertinent questions to ensure clear communication.

During the day we will :

  • Maintain convenient and competitive customer service hours
  • Ensure that Service Advisor shall continually check service progress and immediately inform customers of any changes in the vehicle’s repair or completion time.
  • Provide qualified person who will explain all services performed and related charges to the customer …. Either in person or by phone … prior to delivery of the serviced vehicle.
  • Ensure that all service customers vehicle will be treated with utmost care and shall be clean when returned to the customer.
  • Ensure protection materials placed on or in vehicles shall be removed and disposed of before the serviced vehicle is retuned to the customer.
  • Complete all authorized serviced followed by timely delivery of your vehicle.
  • Ensure authorized services shall be performed according to approved shop manual procedures and specifications
  • Ensure serviced vehicles shall be quality tested before delivery to the customer
  • Promise all service pricing will be accurate and competitive and all services will be performed according to the highest industry standard.
  • Provide a clean, comfortable, and convenient and well maintain customer waiting area.
  • Ensure that only appropriate trained Kia technicians carry out work on your vehicle.
  • Check for any updates recommended by Kia and perform these free of charge.
  • Provide professional recommendation if we identify any parts that requires replacing, about whether they should be replaced immediately, or at which point in the future they should be rechecked.
  • Return your vehicle in neat and clean condition.
  • Only ever replaced additional parts with your permission.
  • Use genuine Kia parts, which all carry warranty.
  • Call you to confirm when your car is ready

On collection we will :

  • Thoroughly explain all repairs performed and ensure a transparency of service cost.
  • Park repaired vehicle in an area that is convenient for customer pick-up, for taking the customer to the vehicles, or for bringing the vehicle to the customer.
  • Customers shall experience smooth, simple vehicle pick-up with minimal waiting

Following your visit, we will :

  • Maintain contact with customers to remind them of recommended maintenance needs and other available services
  • Make contact within three business days to ensure you are satisfied with all service provided.
  • At Service Department shall use a service scheduling and tracking process, and update resource information frequently throughout the day.
  • Plan for the future and continually evaluate and improved our operating procedures.
  • At Service Department make every effort to create customer enthusiasm, customer satisfaction and retain customer throughout the life – cycle of the vehicle.
  • Reach our stated performance goal while maintaining quality, integrity, and customer enthusiasm.
  • Provide enthusiastic Customer Service that produce’s Enthusiastic Customer as number one priority.