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The all-new KIA Picanto

2023 New Telluride

It's About What You Bring To The Journey

The all-new KIA Picanto

2023 New Telluride

It's About What You Bring To The Journey


The city belongs to the young

I want adventures that end on a high note

Rugged capability. That's what we all expect from a full-size SUV. The all-new Kia Telluride is an all-access, all-weather SUV that seats up to eight in roomy luxury. It's also smart about navigating all types of road and weather conditions. Dial into the Snow mode and upshifts will come sooner, so your wheels don't spin out. Or get more rear-wheel kick with Sport mode. In day-to-day driving or out in the elements, the Telluride masters the terrain. If you're ready to go big, read on.
The city belongs to the young

Drive Modes And Awd

During normal driving, the drive mode determines how power is distributed. Eco and Smart modes utilize front-wheel drive. Comfort and Snow modes deliver a portion of the drive to the rear wheels. Sport mode sends even more power to the rear wheels for spirited driving. To help maintain consistent control, AWD processors adjust torque flow to each wheel based on road conditions and driver input, including turning and braking.


Elegantly Simple Instrumentation

Drivers will indulge themselves in the polished and controlled design of the comfortable cockpit.The horizontal arrangement of instruments and design elements, including a floating AVN screen, is clean and uncluttered. Wood-pattern trim provides a clubhouse feel, while the sculpted handles of the console hint at the heart-pounding adventures that lie ahead.

Your Own Wide-Open Space

Telluride’s spacious interior seats seven or eight omfortably in three rows of reclining seats with unmatched legroom. The firm, comfortable seats are trimmed with double-stitched, quilted and extra-padded Nappa leather upholstery. A dual sunroof, with a sliding front section, brings light and fresh breezes to every seat.

A Power Rear Liftgate

offers easy access to class-leading cargo space. Seats fold flat to fit big items.


Just The Right Mix Of Force And Finesse

The Telluride gives you the power to join rushing traffic, or to escape from civilization completely and conquer rugged back roads. And it does it so efficiently that you can go a long way between refueling stops. There's even enough power to pull a boat trailer with confidence, so adventures can continue from the water's edge.

Outwardly calm inwardly serene

Advanced engineered helps keep the ride smooth and the driver confident. Four-wheel independent suspension, with multiple shock-reduction dampers and vertical rear shock absorbers, help isolate the quite cabin from bumps and vibrations. An exceptionally rigid body, paired with agile, responsive steering, helps make the Telluride nimble to maneuver. And as problems pop up out in the real world, the ADAS and stability control processors help eliminate them in real time.


Trailer Stability Assist

detects trailer oscillation and corrects swing through torque reduction, individual wheel braking, or both. Ample TOWING CAPACITY gives you extra sport and utility choices, and the SELFLEVELING REAR SUSPENSION automatically adjusts ride height according to vehicle load for greater stability.


Technology That Everyone Can Live With

Kia's DRIVE WiSE is a robust technology platform that makes driving safer and less stressful by employing the latest sensing, processing and display technology to improve how you interact with your vehicle, with traffic, and with the world around you. The Telluride is a showcase for these advances, with features that help you stay aware of your surroundings, and even take decisive actions to protect you.