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The all-new KIA Picanto
The Kia Soul is an exciting, fuel-efficient, large cargo space and a wide array of safety features. Learn more today!

The all-new KIA Picanto
The Kia Soul is an exciting, fuel-efficient, large cargo space and a wide array of safety features. Learn more today!


The city belongs to the young

Inventive From Every Angle

With its dynamic stance, the Soul is ready for fun, poised for action, and extremely stable. It looks exactly
like what it is: A reliable source of inspiration that is up for whatever challenge the day throws its way.
The city belongs to the young

A Profile With A Purpose

With its long hood, raked windshield pillars and back-sloping roof, the shapely new Soul offers improved aerodynamics outside and ample roominess inside.
The city belongs to the young

Urban Mobility . Amplified.

Vertically oriented rear lights give the Soul an exciting, space-age look, while the broader lower structure emphasizes the Soul's agile and balanced character.


Very Easy On The Eyes

The gracefully rounded dashboard and console present what you need to know with savvy simplicity. A glance here. A finger tap there. Your eyes stay on the road. The Soul is smart about keeping you clued in, without clutter.

Your Very Own Bubble Of Comfort

Step inside the Soul and you’ll immediately sense the spaciousness. There’s room to stretch and ample space for cargo thanks to more rear seat legroom, supportive seats for everyone, and doors and dashboard that are designed to stay out of the way.

Where Sound Meets Vision

The dashboard contours are inspired by sound waves, while there's also new headsup display technology. And the audio and visual worlds combine with built-in, colored mood lighting synced to the music.


The Future Is Looking Fun

The new look and technology of the Soul will inspire drivers to express themselves creatively with a wide range of choices, from appearance packages to interior and exterior personalization, including audio systems and wheels.

Colors That Pop

The Soul is available in eleven iconic solid colors and seven intriguing two-tone combinations. Pick something unexpected and set yourself apart.

Comfort Is Paramount

The Soul offers remarkable cargo flexibility, and appealing seating choices too. If you plan to spend a significant amount of time in your Soul, why not choose seats and features that take the ordeal out of the drive?


Torque And Tech Virtuoso

The Soul is designed around the theme of music, including the hum of a smooth-revving engine that takes advantage of efficient, engaging technology to inspire confidence as you zip around town.


Phenomenal rigidity

Better protection comes from new applications of advanced high-strength steel and structural adhesives, stiffer body elements, and design enhancements that better distribute collision forces.

Stronger. Smarter. Safer.

The new Soul packs plenty of safety technology into its appealing design. Its safety systems help keep collision forces under control in ways that protect people, while maximizing the driver's ability to avoid trouble.
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  • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
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