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Every time you take your Kia for a Service, you will be greeted by a Trained Service Advisor with a smile who will check your and then advise you on the services required honestly & fairly.


Terms and policies of warranty

The warranty for new Kia cars starts from the date of purchase invoice.
The basic warranty shall be valid if the customer carried out periodic maintenance at the approved centers in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and according to the conditions of the factory, providing proof of follow-up of maintenance on time and using original spare parts.

The basic warranty period:

Most Kia Motors vehicles are covered by the warranty for a period of 60 months or 150,000 km, whichever comes first as of the date of issuing the purchase invoice.


The items specified below have a warranty period that differs from the basic vehicle warranty.

The battery

The vehicle battery is covered by the warranty for manufacturing defects for 12 months as of the date of issuing the purchase invoice.

Refilling the cooling gas system

Refilling of cooling system gas is warranted for 12 months as of the date of issuance of purchase invoice.


Tires supplied with Kia vehicles are covered by the tire manufacturer’s warranty, if there is a defect in the original tires of your vehicle whether in material or manufacturing, please check with the tire manufacturer or its authorized dealer or you can ask for help from Kia distributor.


These are items that are consumed by normal use (e.g. «V» belt – timing belt/bulbs/fuses/glass wipers/brake and its accessories/filters/clutch disc – clutch/spark plugs… etc.). They shall be warranted against any defect in manufacturing for 12 months or 20,000 km, as of the date of issue of purchase invoice, whichever comes first.

Not included in the warranty


Regular maintenance service

Including checking, screwing, adjustment of the engine, adjustment of fuel injection system, tire balancing, lubrication, transmission oil, change the engine oil, brake fluid, oil of gears system, steering wheel Oil, water and acid of the battery, antifreezing, glass cleaning liquid, cooling system gas, tire changing.

Natural consumption and corrosion for example

  • Spark plugs
  • Front and rear brake pads
  • The clutch and its parts
  • Plastic of wipers
  • Filters.
  • Lights, Fuses (Circuit Breakers)
  • Belts
  • Any other consumable parts.
Regular maintenance parts (consumables) are covered by the warranty and are replaced in the event of a defect in materials or manufacturing.

Damages and losses not covered by the warranty for example

  • Neglect in the proper maintenance procedures as stated in the owner,s manual.
  • Misuse, overload, accident, theft, actions of flood or fires.
  • Use of unsuitable fuel, liquids or oils that do not conform to the recommended specifications.
  • The use of non-original parts.
  • Any device or accessories not supplied by Kia.
  • Modifications, damages, manipulation, tampering or improper repair.
  • Damage to rubber parts under normal conditions of use or exposure to the sun.
  • Minor not detectable impurities that do not affect the quality or performance of the vehicle or its parts, such as weak sounds, vibration that is part of the vehicle’s character.